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 Mental Fitness Coach & Trainer

Staying Positive under the most stressful circumstances is a CHOICE. Everyone has negative thoughts, judging your Self, other, and/or circumstances. I will give you the tools you need to recover faster. Tools that sustain the test of time. Learn how your brain works so you can take command of it. Tap into your innovation, creativity, peace of mind and activate the life you want to live!

6 months coaching. Money Back Guarantee!

How You Self Sabotage

This is a sample chart showing one person’s most common ways of self-sabotage.

“Jerry took us through his system and helped us lay out the changing of leadership, coached up key members of the leader team, and helped us implement our 5-year Plan. It changed our business model and increased our client base!”

Owner & partner, Mechanical Engineering

“Jerry changed my life and helped me balance my hyper achieving saboteur into the value sustaining connector that I am.  He also showed me work and personal life balance with my family.”


National Sales Leader

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Business Coaching with Jerry Haack

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Primal Leadership Coaching

As a certified coach and trainer Jerry has the ability to meet you where you are at.  His skills to teach and train you to get what you want will activate the most powerful you.  Helping you get control of your negative thoughts and experience your full potential is his passion.

Virtual business workshops

Who is Jerry Haack?

Jerry Haack specializes in Generational Family owned businesses of all kinds.  His system creates a Situation Analysis that gets all leaders on the same page.  From that point they all can “weigh in” on the short and long-term Objectives.  Which cements “buy in” from everyone once the Plan is outlined.  As a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, and trainer Haack will help you “get what you want” by clearly defining the road blocks between you, your partners, leader team, your personnel and culture. 

Virtual business workshops

Primal Leadership Workshops

Onsite or virtual, Haack will help you make the impact you want to make.  He will customize the workshops to fit your needs and wants.  You will receive practical tools that will immediately go into practice and get you results.  Way beyond the traditional rah-rah motivational workshops that leave you hungry and with little or no residual effects.  His workshops can be an hour long to 3 days.  Depends on what you want.

“His 2-and-a-half-day workshop is transformational.  I now know I can bring all of me to work!”


National Sales Leader

“Because of Jerry’s help I know I will die the best version of my Self, and for that, I am forever grateful!”


New Jersey retail manager