Transformation now! Primal Leadership’s workshops will transform you and your team into a new way of leading…Make your vision come true today by empowering the Leader within you.

“This workshop has changed my life!” -James Olson IMC

Waking your staff up to a new way of “being” is at the heart of our workshops. We will customize your event to fit your objectives and what you want.

Everyone that experiences this workshop will come to realize they have a voice, have choices, are important, and that they are part of a TEAM. This will help set the stage to growing a new culture within your organization.

Our Goals:

  • Getting your TEAM to lean into each other
  • Getting your TEAM to know their values
  • Getting your TEAM to know their Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Getting your TEAM to understand and work through conflict
  • Getting your TEAM to hold each other accountable and commit to one another

“The results are impressive!!!” -Bill Host GM

We offer onsite or offsite workshops and accommodate most any size group. The workshops can be 4 hours in length, and as long as 2 and a half days. Longer workshops tend to build teams to a whole new level of vulnerability based trust.


Primal Leadership

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