I was a member of the NAFB group this past year that met for the leadership conference that Jerry led. Just wanted to share a quick note that I reached a sales goal this month that I have not been able to obtain at any moment in the past. A lot of my confidence came from the conference. Just wanted to share that and that I look back at the conference often and think of good and positive things.

Joe Gill

Farm/Director/Traffic Manager, KASM 1150AM

Jerry is a powerful coach and workshop leader. He goes beyond what’s on the surface and supports clients in getting results by really transforming the underlying issue or block. I always admire his ability to cut through the B.S., address underlying issues and go where others may fear to tread. And he does it all with tremendous heart and integrity. Jerry has the range to work with everyone from corporate executives to drug offenders. When I’m stuck or in a jam, I know without a doubt he’s in my corner and I want him on my team.
Tony Hain

Leadership Coach & Consultant | Realtor | Marketing & Sales, Anthony Hain

Jerry is an excellent coach and marketing consultant. He has the knack for understanding the interpersonal aspect of motivating a sales force as well as the executive suite. He understands that leadership requires brutal honesty, connection, integrity, and passion. I have an MBA in business administration and I have never seen anyone get it better than him.
Corey Wrenn

Investment Advisor, Pecaut & company

I wanted to send a note to thank-you for helping to wake-up my customers. It was a really good workshop that all of them became engaged in. I was surprised at the level of involvement each and every one of them displayed.
Tom Streit

Strategic Account Manager, Cargill: Animal Nutrition

Jerry Haack has the capacity to see through the story and find the heart of the matter that allows clients to move forward fast. His attention and focus keeps me present and trusting in the process. I am never able to predict what he will say or do next yet I always feels safe, validated (even when I’m wrong) and heard. Whether it’s a small shift in perspective or a loud roaring wake-up call, Jerry is an extraordinary coach, truly the very best of the best.

The coaching I received from Jerry was top shelf! He “stayed” with me and did not try to fix me or problem solve. He held this powerful, safe space for me to uncover and discover the exact place within myself where I could clearly see what was holding me back. After 2 years of being “stuck” in this place of fear, I moved with confidence and ease and took one of my biggest leaps yet. This experience left me feeling alive, empowered, engaged, awake and inspired for more bigness. It was simply amazing coaching. Thank you Jerry.
Kelly Bakhtiar

Leadership & Change Coach

Jerry has lots of energy. His background in the trenches in sales, marketing, and management keep him focused on real-world issues for businesses. His passion lies in improving the health of his client’s entire team. He is much more interested in helping me improve the business internally, rather than how xyz advertising piece can maybe drive some traffic.
Mike Guntren

GM, Ray’s Midbell Music

A quick note of thanks,

In the 1990’s I had the pleasure of working with Jerry during a difficult time in the car business. His ability to overcome obstacles, perseverance, and intestinal fortitude are just a few of the qualities that left an impression on me at that time. It wasn’t until around 2007 that a deeper relationship was formed and I got to know Jerry on a personal level. When Jerry began coaching I knew he found his niche and his purpose in life of teaching and giving back. When the opportunity arose for me to be coached, I knew I wanted some of that. Even though I was scared as heck. Jerry has the ability to cut through crap that blocks my own brilliance. Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with a serious health issue, my two sons were battling issues of their own. Personally I was stuck, depressed and life wasn’t fair. Jerry’s coaching ability helped take me from a place of darkness to a more glorious place of light. Today I fell alive and awake, on both a personal and professional level.

Thank you,


For the past 5 years I have had a firm grasp on my mission in life but I was frustrated by thinking that I was not living my life congruently with my mission. My work with Jerry helped me realize that I am, in fact, living my mission. Realizing that I am living my mission has empowered me to strive for greater things in my life.
Robert F Meis