Bob Christensen and I recently co-facilitated a Leadership Academy for one of our favorite clients last week in Kansas City.  I love this client because they (the Leaders of the organization) want all of their future Leaders to get all of the help they can to BE the very best they can.

It is this cultural belief that makes me want to work for them.  To give everything I have when I am there.  My values intersect with their values, and that creates synergy.  It is authentic and true.  And consequently creates an impact of transformation on the candidates.

My mission is to wake people up to the brilliance that shines inside of them.  My values keep me on that path.  Passion, Impact, and Enlightenment are my three core values.  Sometimes I get stuck.  And I find myself wondering if I should take on additional work,or I find myself in the middle of a serious conflict, struggling with loved ones, or just feeling the pain of watching my beloved mother age”¦I use my core values to move me forward.

The 15 Leaders I just had the honor of being with for 2 and a half days stepped through their own fears and into a new way of being.  We showed them how Emotional Intelligence (feelings) can be imperative when leading your Self, and others.  From that position we were able to get them to come from Abundance and not Scarcity”¦to Read the Room and see what is present.  In that space is true intimacy.

By knowing your Self on a deeper level they quickly saw how it would assist them in moving more powerfully towards what it is they wanted or wanted to create.

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Leadership Academy -Primal Leadership

This group of Leaders pushed themselves to new levels of personal awareness.  From deeper listening to deeper understanding of their own drama that prevents them from their Purpose.  And it was when they were in their Purpose that they could see the importance of not avoiding the conflict, but to actually lean into it, and get wildly curious.  They took themselves out of the proverbial Box and into their own missions.


Leadership in Kansas City


On the last morn each of the candidates stood in front of their peers and read their 80th birthday tributes.  With permission, this is one of them”¦

Wesley & Teddy:  Ode to Dad

KC Leadership Academy

KC Leadership Academy

Two crazy boys did you raise,Over many dark nights and long days,

But you always gave us kisses and hugs, And taught us how not to be thugs.

You coached us in hockey and soccer,

And you cooked breakfast like Betty Crocker. You taught us how to create and build, And over the years we’ve become quite skilled.

Each summer we went north for fishing,
Our requests never seemed an imposition.
You supported our music and singing,
Even when your ears were ringing.

You held us when our hearts were broken,
And your love for us was always spoken.

We cherish every day we have with you,
Our feelings have never been more true.

You rocked us to sleep when we were just babes,
And when we were older you taught us to shave.

Now we’re grown men but still your sons,

Cant wait until next year for birthday 81.

Covey told us to “See the end” in mind in order to create what you want in your life.  I can’t tell you the sense of pride and accomplishment I feel for being just one little part of this transformation.

My Co Lead has a hope that he shares with everyone before we start the workshop”¦

“20 years from now you won’t remember the two crazy ol’ men that lead you in this “Leader workshop” but will reflect back and say it was this event that was the crossroads in your transformation of leading a more meaningful life.”

Mission accomplished.  Thank you for trusting us.

I am humbled and honored to serve you all,

Sincerely Jerry