Book Worm

Simon Sinek, Start With Why, TED Talk

A lot of you heard me when I told you to buy “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. I received lots of thank you’s, you are welcome!

Now I am telling you to google Simon Sinek, Start With Why, TED Talk. Trust me when I say”¦PLEASE, this is a MUST.  Especially as we roll thru 2015. A huge part of your business coaching tools should be to read, read, read, and then read some more of all the latest. Consequently very few things will continue to resonate with me over the test of time.

  • Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Simon Sinek
  • The Art of Focused Conversations
  • Arbinger’s Leadership and Self Deception
  • Power of Ted
  • Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly

 ALL have lead MY list for years now”¦there is Simon Simek. 2015 is here I implore you to make this year different.

Start with why you do what you do. Why do you do what you do? If you can’t answer that simple question, how do you expect others to follow you?!?

Here is the recap of the golden circle”¦

  • Why
  • How
  • What

In that order.  Why do I do what I do, how I do what I do and then What I do. Most marketing has it backwards. They say, “This is what we do!” and then they act surprised when no one responds to it.

Reverse the order.  Paint the picture for everyone.  What do you envision and Why. Our Limbic brain will respond to it because it will be laced with feelings. Our Neocortex brain is interested in the what.  Uninspiring data, so you must start with Why.

Remember this moving forward! If you want to inspire others you must tell them why you do what you do. Speak from your heart. There are leaders, and those who lead. We follow those who lead our selves. If you hire someone for the money, they will work for it. If you hire for the feeling/vision, they will give you their blood.

Inspire when you hire and speak from the WHY.


Do your “self” a favor.  Go buy “The Power of TED” now

I am a huge David Emerald fan.  He has made it so easy to understand that we have a choice. You do not have to go thru life “wondering” when the other shoe is going to drop.  Aren’t you sick of living that way?

Do your “self” a favor.  Go buy “The Power of TED” now!  Being the Creator in one’s own life is the heart and soul of this book. I have used the drama triangle and purpose triangle for over a half dozen years now when coaching for businesses.  From the owner to the janitor it is relevant.  And it is so easy to understand. Jerry Haack Books Ted

One of the fundamental differences between the Victim Orientation and this one [Creator] is where you put your focus of attention”¦For Victims, the focus is always on what they don’t want: the problems that seem constantly to multiply in their lives. They don’t want the person, condition, or circumstance they consider their Persecutor, and they don’t want the fear that leads to fight, flee or freeze reactions, either. Creators, on the other hand, place their focus on what they do want. Doing this, Creators still face and solve problems in the course of creating outcomes they want, but their focus remains fixed on their ultimate vision.

~ David Emerald Quotes from The Power of TED*

You have a choice.  You can focus on what you want.  Or you can remain stuck, and focus on what you do not want to have happen in your life.

The choice is yours.  The latter is not much of a life. I choose life.


Yikes!  Currently I am jammed up in the middle of 7 books! 

Ever find yourself backed up that way?Jerry Haack Books Happiness AdvJerry Haack Books What got

I am currently reading and/or rereading”¦

·       12 The Elements of Great Managing

·       What Got You Here Won’t Get you There

·       The Happiness Advantage

·       Moments of ImpactJerry Haack Books 12

·       Start With Why

·       The Power ofTedJerry Haack Books TedJerry haack Books Start with

·       The AdvantageJerry Haack Books The Advantage

All fantasticJerry Haack Books DyingJerry Haack Books Moments ofbooks that help me when coaching for business. (My favorite reread is The Power of Ted“¦it is so good)

I am also sliding in a non-related business book recommended to me by a fellow coach from his business coaching tools toolbox.

“Dying to Be Me” is a true story about a gal who fought cancer, was near death, and found true healing.

The book changes (or enhances) your perspective on what lies on the other side.  All while giving you a new view of how you could “choose” to live/love your life while on this side.



Oh my gosh “Start with WHY!!!”! I told you I was on a book reading spree.  The latest was by Simon Sinek called “Start with WHY.  It is so good. I know I say that about ALL of the books I report, but it’s true because I don’t tell you about the books that aren’t so great. Simon Sinek and his advice fill my toolbox of business coaching tools! Jerry Haack SimonSinek_read

Here is the gist of this book, the goal is for you to find your Golden Circle”¦

·       Why

·       How

·       What

Most people start with what, but that is backwards.  If you know “Why” you do what you do, then the inspiration and vision of it will carry you thru many things.  Hard times and good. Naturally if you know “why” you do what you do, then it is easier to articulate “How” you do what you do.  Then comes the “What” you do. Imagine an employee of yours telling someone outside of your organization “Why” they do what they do.  Now imagine the employee that tells someone “What” they do for you.  Passion would be present with the first.  Because they have bought in. 

This book gives wonderful examples of great Leaders in history that told us “Why” and consequently had a following.  It also goes on to tell why many familiar companies, including Sam Walton’s Walmart was great, and his predecessors”¦not so much.

Buy the book!  IF not for the simple reason to know how to answer someone if they ask the question “Why should we hire you?” I love this!

“Because the work we are doing now is better than the work we were doing 6 months ago.  And the work we will be doing 6 months from now will be better than the work we are doing today.  Because we wake up every day with the sense of WHY we come to work.  We come to work to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.  Are we better than our competition?  If you believe what we believe and you believe that the things we do can help you, then we’re better.  IF you don’t believe what we believe, and you don’t believe we can help you, then we’re not better.  Our goal is to find customers who believe what we believe and work together so that we can all succeed.  We’re looking for people to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in pursuit of the same goal.  We’re not interested in sitting across the table in pursuit of a sweeter deal. And here are the things we are doing to advance our cause”¦”

And the details of HOW and WHAT you do follow. But this time, it started with WHY! People tell me all the time how my confidence and conviction shines thru when I work with them. Why?  Because I know WHY I am in the business I am in”¦I love waking people up to their own brilliance.

Find yours!