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Blogging on my Airline Experience

Well guess what? I received a phone. She was really interested in what I had to say.  Apparently they actually read the email feedback. 

What they received from me was less than flattering”¦And was basically telling them I was taking my loyalty elsewhere. I loved how she humbly got me to open up to tell my story yet one more time.

She was well coached and skilled at the art of conversation and relationship building. An art I am well versed in. An art the first gentleman I spoke to issuing my complaint did not understand.

She quickly heard what I said, repeated it back to me, and concurred with me”¦Which immediately gave me the sense she was empathetic with my feelings.  I believe she understood that I was not a complainer.  But someone willing to “pay more” for a service that I want and expect.  She resolved my complaint by throwing me some miles on my loyalty program.  Simple. 

The industry has a long way to go as this article states:
Airlines Actually Believe they are Improving 

Self Improvement Funnies Peanuts Group

Do you remember the Peanuts cartoon where the kids are in the classroom and the teacher is up front and all that is being heard is “Rhant, rhant, Womp, Womp, Womp?”

Is that how you are digesting all of this “Self Improvement Knowledge?” As sometimes great big DUH moments. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself have you gotten to the point where you can’t read redundant, cliche’ ideas anymore? My best advice sit back and relax and remember we all are at different points in our lives. 

Also read this really funny article: 33 Great Self Improvement Funnies 

Smile and the World Smiles Back Sehwag

I was taken back by this wonderful article on Virender Sehwag of India.  Brilliance and stamina and heart are all around us.  Exuding out human beings all over the world.  We just have to take the time to notice.  His father inspired him to greatness.  Focus on everything”¦Failure is Motivating”¦And Smile and the World Smiles Back.  Simple words to live by. 

Are you living the life you dreamed of? Is this it? I dare you to reach for everything you can.  Push thru the fear and reach for it.  Your courage inspires me!!!

Article on Virender Sehwag of India

OH How I can Relate to this Article.  Perfection or Nothing Jerry Haack perfect

Perfection issues can be the root of addiction.  Most addicts or alcoholics I work with are their own worst enemies.Seriously, if I saw someone treating my client the way they treat themselves“¦I would have to kick their butts!
Why oh why are we so hard on ourselves”¦
Ego?  Narcissism?  Self-hatred?  Shame?Read More on the Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Successful People Never Have These Traits characteristics-successful-entrepreneurs-never-

You’ll probably never find successful people sleeping in until noon. It’s unlikely successful people got where they are today by being fake.

We have focused on what makes a successful person. This article talk about habits, personalities and ambition (or lack there of) that most mega successful people never posses.

What the Supper Successful Never Do! 

Can Self Monitors Make us Healthy and Productive? Self Tracking

It’s easy to pick up a few devices these days to monitor every step we take!

Is a data driven life for you. Do you need your
finger on the pulse of your pulse, finances, fitness routines and time spent on projects. More importantly does this numbers don’t lie approach to self improvement even work?

Daily Life Explores the World of Self-Tracking Devices

Time Magazine Tony Robbins

Watch Tony Robbins talk about his life dedicated to coaching!

Tony’s new book “Money Master the Game” offers a seven step plan to financial freedom.

Over 4 Decades as a Life Coach

Overcoming Self Improvement Obsession Happiness

Can it happen! Addiction to self improvement? Where do you draw the line between achieving your goals and being content?

In a world where we are all obsessed with the perfect figures, the perfect six figure salaries and health, wealth and happiness! We seem to forget about the happiness. Self improvement is a beautiful thing. Self obsession is an addiction that may intrude with your life to live.

Self Improvement that Leads to Happiness from

Awareable’s Technology and Self Improvement Apps

Technology and self improvement could make us more human then ever before. How do you feel about your relationship? There’s an app for that! Jumping on a scale to measure weight loss? Please! You need the app that monitors your every movement and takes into factor your body mass. The app will tell you when you are done moving for the day!

Technology offers a new level of self awareness. As Apple releases their new watch I am wagering that this devise has the applications you need to get healthy, wealthy and wise. `

Training Wheels for the Mind

Self Improvement Requires Suffering

Do you know how many skinny, healthy, energetic people this world would have if working out at the gym gave you the results you desired after a few workouts? It just doesn’t work that way self improvement takes time. Suffering

We have to give up or change a diet for better results at the gym. We have to read books, watch videos, become a student to be better at business. We have to give up being selfish to help others grow. In order to self improve there is some suffering but the outcome is always worth the work.

Lent Perfect for Self Improvement

40 days to polish yourself up for summer. Lent is a time for fasting, self reflection and self improvement. lent

Little things like taking a few minutes out of each day to self reflect on what your thankful for is a great way to improve upon yourself. Lent put yourself to the test and challenge yourself to become the type of person you would want to be all of 2015.

The Lenten Season Self Improvement Plan

The World Owes YOU Nothing! That’s How Mentally Strong People Think! 

13 things mentally strong people do not do! From athletes, entrepreneurs, war heroes, Mental Strengthand every day people from all corners of the earth who demonstrated incredible courage, integrity, and perseverance.

Expect the unexpected and be in it for the long haul. Take your lumps and don’t expect success overnight. Being mentally strong takes me to a necessary rule in business and sales “Role with the Punches” kid!

Avoid Common Pitfalls Explore More Here

What Knowledge Would you Share with a Younger You?

If I only knew then what I know now. Ever ask yourself that question? As we mature we can look back at things with growth and knowledge. Time hands us a gift and we all must Timelearn from our mistakes.

This article from Fortune Magazine discusses improving our flaws. More importantly focusing on our one or two talents that got us where we are today. Improving on these gifts and making the most of this short, mostly wonderful life!

Focus on your Talent! Find out why!

Love and Leadership How they Relate this Valentine’s Day

Learn to love yourself before you can love others. Loving yourself basically means making yourself better, being good to the only body you have and strengthening your brain and honing your skills to become a better business leader.valentines-day-clipart-2

How can love make you a leader? First of all loving people aren’t selfish people and leaders are not selfish. They say please and thank you and they encourage their people instead of demean them.

Fox Business News Teaches us that Leadership and Love Go Hand in Hand!

New Year’s Advice for Taking the Entrepreneur’s Leap!

This is America the land of opportunity. Yes even in today’s world there still is an American Dream and people living it everyday. If anyone tells you thJerry Haack Self Improvee dream is dead! Laugh at them and realize the peanut gallery usually never makes the big bucks! The ones with the ideas do! 

Fact is America’s population is aging. The largest majority of the American public “The Baby Boomers” are now all over fifty. They also have the most income! A lot of us are going to be called on as our role in life to serve in a role with the healthcare of Baby Boomers. Take a look at this article featuring a virtual franchise weekend this weekend. 

Maybe it’s time to go it alone! 

It Takes Guts to Do It Alone! 

The Chemical is NOT the Problem! The Chemical is the Brief Vacation! 

Life is grand until the hangover kicks in! We all must grow up and handle our responsibilities and pressures that accompany. Golfer Dustin Johnson was dealt beyond genius talent on a golf course. This lead him to marrying Paulina Gretzky daughter to the greatest hockey player who has ever lived!johnson_1442_dustin_players14_newsmaker

The high life lead to bit of another high that consisted of Vodka and Cocaine. In fact Dustin failed the PGA’s drug policy 3 times before he was told it’s time to change. In a game that’s said to be played mostly between the six inch space of your ears. The mind needs to be 100% to succeed at golf.

Tiger is a perfect example of how the game can get away as he still fights back. Letting substances or bad relationships taking a bit of your game? Find your inspiration in Dustin’s Story!

The PGA Handles its Substance Abuse a Little Different versus other Pro Sports 

University Degree’s for those Over 60? It’s happening in Singapore! 

More seniors in Singapore are going after a higher level of learning. The Government is encouraging itss elder population to help and the seniors are responding due to mainly career advancement.

There’s been a 247 percent increase in adults over 60 pursuing a diploma. As the USA’s largest population the Baby Boomers get older we need to look at Singapore as a guide to keeping our Nations Seniors healthy and motivated to continue learning and at work.

Interest in Post Graduate Degree’s Since Singapore Raised Retirement Age

Staffing in 2015 Hiring for Skill or Culture

What is your company culture and how do you hire to fit that culture? Times they are a changing and hiring on skill set alone may not be in your best interest.

What is your commitment expectation? More companies have people working from home to cut overhead. Does your candidate possess the skills, maturity and history of taking on that sort of responsibility? How will you build your team in 2015? There’s lots to consider!

Case Studies from our Friends at kabbage

Dress for Success 2015

Looking to improve to a new level in your career in 2015? Transitioning may mean aspiring to new levels in your office or looking to reach higher ground with another company or firm. 

Guys have the natural inherent trait of wanting to get things done correctly and as quickly as possible. This includes dressing at least that’s how the designers at “The Independent” magazine foresee styles they recommend for successful men in business! 

New Year-New Job-What to where?

Plowing Through Our Addictions is Always the Right Track to Life!

How going to the gym, acupuncture and even a massage our two can help you defeat the demons of addiction.

1 in 5 Canadians experience mental health issues. I would imagine that statistic may be close here in the United States. Addiction holds us back from our goals, robs us of our hard earned money and can be a killer to all kinds of relationships. Addictions end marriages, cause disease, death and have no place in business!

A different approach to breaking addiction

Kick off 2015 with a week of self-improvement at a time!

Self-Improvement happens one thought, one day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we all have mountains we need to climb.

If you are familiar at all with Alcoholics Anonymous, one of my favorite lines from their teachings is you don’t have to stay sober your whole life, just stay sober today. Sometimes looking at the big picture is daunting. Good luck with your 2015 goals and keep improving one day at a time! There are events on resolutions and inspiration all over the internet.  To learn more read this article:

A week’s worth of selfimprovement help