As the 2014 approaches, so do the usual round of resolutions. You’ll probably have some similar goals as last year. Let me ask how are your 2013 new year’s resolutions working out for you? Anything change in your life?

Often resolutions are created from our “should be’s” — I should be thinner, more in shape, richer, find a better job. . .

And more often than not, those resolutions don’t last.

Eating Well Magazine offered the following:

  • 61% of U.S. adults have made New Year’s resolutions
  • 77% of resolution makers are successful for no more than 1 week 
  • 33% of New Year’s resolutions pertain to weight, diet and health 

Don’t make your 2014 resolution a should’ve, could’ve or would’ve kind of thing! People experience 10x increased likelihood of keeping a resolution when they set an explicit goal.

Real change comes from a place of excitement and choice.

It comes from a place of wanting to be, and wanting to make a change.

Think of goals the same way a pilot thinks before the engines fire. The pilot’s ultimate goal is to land at desired destination safely. The route is mapped before hitting the pilot’s chair! All systems are checked and double checked to make sure everything is prepared and operating. Weather, turbulence and difficulties are accounted for and prepared for flight. A team of air traffic controllers rule the sky guiding said vessel to safety! Even before the pilot pulls out of the tarmac his team of sky gods and goddesses take your safety into account and help you plan for your cooperation in case of an emergency.

33 percent of us will have weight loss goals in 2014! What is your plan? Here’s a checklist before liftoff or in your case weight loss!

1.    Consult a physician, this may make the journey easier

  1. Consult a dietician or read up on healthy ways to lose weight
  2. Purchase food, fuel to guide your journey that fits into the game plan
  3. Consult your family, it makes you more accountable and they’ll be more accommodating
  4. Find a gym, one that pushes you, and pampers you with things you like”¦sauna, workout programs that you can handle, steam room, tanning, nutrition etc., find a fit
  5. Plan what time is best for your workout and how many days to exercise per week
  6. Plan alternate workouts in case of difficulties
  7. Finally what is your motivation for this weight loss (health, class reunion, new love, self esteem etc..) Put picture of the old you on the wall or images of the new you-you want to be! Shop for clothes that you’ll eventually fit in!Readiness, motivation, accountability and commitment are parts of making a change in your life.

Ready to make 2014 the year of meaningful, lasting resolutions?

Find your values”¦and from your values”¦find your purpose for living.

We are all here for a very short time.

Let’s make it grand!