I have been blessed over the years with knowing many wonderful people. Since it’s all marketing and Primal Leadership was conceived I have reached out to clients, mentors, and associates all over the United States, to share ideals and experiences on business. The path we all have taken on this road called life is so very valuable.

But specifically, I want to identify a friend that travels about the world for a billion dollar company. He is cutting edge, finite, and has a very keen insight on business, to say the least. The advice, knowledge and hands on experience this individual has experienced are simply priceless. There is a reason the oldest bucks in the woods usually have the biggest horns because they have experienced many hunting seasons. My friend is a comrade that I believe we all need in life to push us in the right direction and to push back when we may be straying down the wrong road.

We have worked on projects together, thought problems through, and leaned on each other’s insights. We collaborate and trust each other. He probably sees me more clearly than anyone I know”¦as a man, and a business man.

In today’s business climate it is very helpful knowing someone like that”¦Someone that can “push back”. Years back he insisted I get trained professionally as a coach. He said, “Since I was dabbling in it anyways, I should be certified.” 

But I resisted it, mainly because of the expense, the time commitment, and it being just one more thing to keep me from my family”¦In time, I researched the company, the industry, and ultimately, I caved in. 

He described his experience with this training as “profound“. And guess what?

He was right, it is one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.

In this new experience I have had some awakenings and awareness’s.

One of which is, I wear three hats, do three different jobs at It’s all Marketing!

·         I am a consultant of marketing and sales

·         I am a trainer

·         And I am a coach