X # Asks = X # $$ is a very logical and simple equation that I have been teaching for over 20 years, the more you ASK equals the more MONEY generated. The formula to “what I like to call” the numbers game!

The numbers game IS just that”¦a game. A very fun game, IF you don’t get caught up in the drama. All “games” have the component of risk or loss, which can cause anxiety. Where there is anxiety there is drama!

Drama can be a huge deterrent from playing the numbers game.  Another name for drama is fear. Does your fear keep you from playing?  Usually this seems to be the case.  Fear of rejection, intruding on someone’s privacy, fear of looking dumb, or offending. There are lots of different kinds of fear.

Very few people know that there is a universal number attached to each “ask” you make! The average person can “close 20%” of the “asks” that they make. That mathematical equation is prevalent in almost every type of product, and in everything we do. It is as simple as 100 asks equals 20 yes’s ($ales). Meaning, 20 people would say YES to a purchase, and 80 people would say NO.

The No’s is what keeps everyone from playing the game. By looking at the whole process as a game (and not taking it personal), your chances of stepping through the fear is profound!     The more you realize that a “no”, actually gets you one step closer to a “yes”, the more confidence you will have. More confidence increases your closing ratios.

After all, Selling is the transference of confidence.

Make selling a game and watch everything change. Your attitude, the people around you, and your checking account.

Keep it simple and set a goal of 100 asks.  Lay out a plan for asking 100 people to buy your product. If you are an average seller you will make 20 sales.

Would 20 sales make your month?