I have been recommended the “Happiness Advantage” book by Shawn Achor. His research  Jerry 8871final

suggests, “We believe we should be happy, but that could be backwards“. He argues that happiness inspires productivity.

The way the average person thinks is “If I work harder, I’ll be more successful. If I’m more successful I’ll be happy.” That line of thinking is backwards.

The problem with that is every time your brain experiences success you move the goal up.

So you are never happy in the present. You need to find happiness, and then you will be successful. I find that with all my clients and their associates.

The author believes by being positive in the present, life will change immediately. The chemical Dopamine is released in our body when we are happy. That opens up productivity with in your brain. You think clearer, perform sharper, and are more successful overall.

You can retrain your brain in as little as 21 days by doing the following…

· Writing down 3 things you are grateful for

· Journal 1 positive experience each day

· Exercise daily so remind yourself of a more healthy way of living

· Meditate to eliminate attention deficit

· Perform one random act of kindness per day

I have practiced many of these techniques over the years through various phases of my life.

It works! There is a fabulous TED talk as well by Mr. Achor on the subject and you can find it by clicking this link.

Now we have research that says we can change our health and live a more prosperous successful life. And all we have to do is learn to be happy first. Go get it J be happy!

It’s my goal to help you be more prosperous, productive and happy and I will be sharing updates of articles on my blog.