Is it healthy to live in the comfort zone? You know what I mean don’t you? The place where 90% of America lives. Where they are safe or at least, they think they are! Living in a comfort zone only allows you to become easy to replace. Your replacement is the person that will take the next steps, and the organization to the next level.

Coming out of the zone is uncomfortable. It causes stress and anxiety. Who needs that? You do if we are not reaching, learning and growing you eventually fall behind and get left behind.

Seriously, what happens if you don’t leave your comfort zone? Leaving your comfort zone is difficult but staying comfortable has ramifications that lead to far dire consequences.

Statistics show less than 10% of Americans ever reach their full potential in life. Where are you in that mix? Are you living the life that is driven and purpose filled to be the very best you can be? Whether that means you are the best boss, mother, brother, clerk, janitor, or owner of a business”¦

What is your vision, what is your legacy? I work with people every day that are “stuck”. Stuck in some story about why they can’t be great. Michael Jordan one of the greatest basketball players missed far more shots than he ever took. You need to take some shots, I can guarantee you’ll get your nose bloodied but I can also guarantee you your chances of reaching the next level are far better than doing nothing.

Coming out of the zone isn’t that difficult. Yes, you will need some discipline, but it takes baby steps. Baby steps towards your goals. Make a plan and work it. It is healthy and stimulating. Results take time, intelligence and effort. It’s like starting a workout plan”¦ working out doesn’t lead to instant results, if it did we would all be skinny, have Greek God like physiques and perfect health after a few workouts. Sorry but just as anything

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Intelligence
  • And Experience

Come with a payoff that seldom is instant gratification. Everything good to come takes these four components and most important time and effort

Plan on mistakes, falling down, and rejection. Failing is the deterrent that keeps most of us from trying. Embrace your failures as moving that needle to the next level of your life, learning experiences and pride that you went for it! Be proud of that and go get it!