1 degree, 1 inch push yourself to the next level every day because the difference of an inch could help you win the game! Sometimes the biggest task in your life might have been realized had you stuck with it just a little bit longer.

Did you know at 211 degrees water is really hot? And at 212 it boils. Boiling water brings steam. Steam brings power.  Power, you could move a train with.

Vince Lombardi once had his team of champions believing every inch mattered on the football field. “Inches make champions!” he said. The Super Bowl trophy is named after him, because his teams won a lot! Lombardi won 5 NFL championships and an average of 75 percent wins of all the professional games he coached. How has the game changed since Lombardi’s reign? This year’s Seattle Seahawks and Denver Bronco’s made it to the Super Bowl winning 81 percent of their games. Their closest competition the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots won 75 percent of the games they competed in.

Often times in life we miss opportunities to do more, or create better results, because we just were not aware of the possibilities. One more moment with a colleague, one extra moment with your child, one more contact, one more “ask” of a client, could have made all the difference in the world. If you had just been aware.

Why enter into anything without that commitment? Are you living your life 100% all in? Take your game to the next level! Give a little more every day! Follow thru on all of your tasks and complete each day proud that you left everything on the table. Life is a game of inches and we can take our game to the next level by moving the needle an inch closer to our goals each and every day!