Getting feedback”¦Touchy subject. In a healthy relationship getting feedback enables growth. Whether it’s personal, for the group, or in team building. Feedback, is not only necessary, it is vital. It helps the person “see themselves” through another lens. A different perspective.

Sometimes it is a problem because it feels really personal. “Mind if I give you some feedback?” Makes me want to run every single time. In contrast “Are you open to some feedback?” Feels a little bit less confrontational. Why?  Because the person is asked if they were open. Therefore you have an option.

Sometimes you are not open for it. So at least the other party is asking you in a more gentle way. And therefore it is up to you to say whether you want it or not. Your choice. IF you do decide to take the feedback, remember the word “OPEN”. Let the feedback go in, unattached to any emotions. I “breathe” deeply when someone asks me to hear them. It balances me, helps me relax, and remember it is their opinion, and not necessarily FACT. Keep in mind the source of the feedback. If feedback comes from someone with less experience it could be an opportunity to take in a fresh perspective or to train that individual as to why you do the things you do.

Coaching thrives on feedback! It’s a coach’s job to take your game to the next level in athletics, your productivity to the next level in business. It’s a coach’s job to fit you into a well-oiled team and make all individual skill sets play united.  A coach provides tools, training, focus and function of each individual player as a whole for the team. It is about making a money making machine with the tools, training, focus and function of each individual player.

Getting feedback over the years has grown me inter-personally, as a manager, leader, and human being. You have to have thick skin and always remember you are doing thing


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that philosophy fails severely in the business world. There was a day in our society that senior staff members didn’t want to work on this new technology called the computer. Those people are currently retired or went through the changes to learn technology and how it makes life easier and adds to their job performance. s for the greater good.