Often times I am asked to help the staff find their “leader within”. Usually this is associated with the sales team. However, if all of the associates understand their “leader within” the passion for results intensifies. Sometimes I do this by helping the staff understand what the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are (SWOT).

A brainstorming session is a great tool. Covering a wall in paper so all can write something is so validating for them. Gives them time to “weigh in” and as you know, when someone gets to weigh in, it’s easier to get them to “buy in”.

Writing down the company’s strengths is fun and easy. When an associate can see the value they bring to the company it inspires confidence and conviction. A human being with conviction is able to step through most fears that prevent them from being great. There is such an overwhelming feeling of camaraderie knowing they are not alone, and others feel the way they do.

In contrast, naming the Weakness of the company brings up all the sacred cows, or elephants in the room. That too, inspires a sense of relief for the associate. Gives them strength to face the weakness.

The Opportunities portion of the exercise really helps identify the vision moving forward. Often times, while I am in coaching a business it is so obvious how the associates do not see what is next. Unless the roadmap is clearly defined it is too easy for the associates to get caught up in the day to day drama.

And by giving them the time to weigh in on the Threats of the company it gives them a snapshot of the anxiety the Leader of the company must feel every day. Putting words to the threats that are looming in the horizon helps the associate know what is expected of them.

Knowing what is expected, what the values of the company are helps the individual team member find their own voice and ultimately, the leader within themselves