Drama is the vicious cycle that one spins in when focused on what they do not want to have happen. Focused on the negative”¦the thing you do not love.

1.      Drama has been described as”¦ an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.

“A hostage drama”

synonyms:       incident, scene, spectacle, crisis;

excitement, thrill, sensation;

disturbance, commotion, turmoil;

dramatics, theatrics
Drama runs rampant in many businesses and no one is immune to it.

I’ve witnessed it present in the Owner, Sales manager, PhD, Secretary, Janitor, and the CEO.A vicious cycle that is hard to get out of like being in a box.

When coaching a business, or an individual stuck in drama, my job is to help them see the symptoms. First by looking at drama as a box or triangle you are stuck in, surrounded by Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer.

Victim is the everything bad is happening to me story.

Persecutor is the everyone is to blame but me process.

And Rescuer is the focus on everyone else’s issues but your own trap.

When you are in any of those three modes you are focused on what you do not want to have happen. That focus creates Anxiety. Anxiety is a by-product of shallow breathing. Shallow breathing prevents the proper amount of oxygen to your brain. A vicious cycle that keeps you in a reactive mode.

Stepping out of that cycle involves a deeper understanding of your values, and purpose. It requires a knowledge of your actions and a business coach’s job is to hold the mirror up to you so you can see these actions are pulling you toward the very thing you did not want to happen in the first place.

Drama is draining, counterproductive and usually a bigger mountain in our heads then the true reality of the situation. Drama usually makes a situation worse than the actual events that caused the turmoil.