Many times I get hired under the guise of building a stronger TEAM. The owner or CEO wants the employees to work together more so they can get better in their performances as well as feel enlightened and fulfilled in the process.

The leaders of the team decide to get an associate some coaching. And yet, if the person is unwilling to own their part in the arrangement, it is a waste of money.


Unfortunately, when the wrong attitude is present, people cannot or will not own their part. Meaning, they want to blame all the circumstances of their inability to be great on everything around them. IE, the Leader, economy, product, time, teammates, etc. Those folks need the coaching the most. They need to be coached up”¦or out of the organization.

Coaching sometimes boils down to helping that associate find their voice. So they can be proud of their role, make recommendations, go against the grain, and feel free to feel uncomfortable. If they cannot get to that point, it is imperative to make some changes.

Change in an organization takes effort, dialogue, patience, and courage. Trusting your intuition about an associate is key. If you don’t think they have what it takes to be a good TEAM member, then get them some help. If you get them the help and they still fail (nothing changes)”¦

Then do them and the rest of the remaining TEAM a favor and release them. There is nothing worse for everyone involved if a person is in the wrong job. It’s kind of like that friend we all have that’s in the wrong romantic relationship. It’s a waste of time and nobody is in the relationship for the right reasons.

Watch for the wrong mental attitude. As our economy gets stronger it becomes vital to select a workforce that is goal oriented, career focused and a good product fit for your businesses goal. We often lose sight of selecting the best people when things are good just to have that extra body. Is the extra body worth the investment when that person doesn’t see their work as their future?