Some people are naturally blessed and know what they don’t know. Other folks really have no idea of what they do not know. So how do you go about knowing what you don’t know?

The Arbinger Institute did a study and wrote a book called Leadership and Self Deception. An excerpt”¦

Self-Deception and the “Box”

There is no solution to a problem, without a solution to the bigger problem that I can’t see, that “I’m the problem”. The technical name for the insistent blindness is called “self-deception” or more simply “in the box.“

When I am “in the box” my perception is one way, and when “out of the box”, I perceive differently.

  • When “out of the box”- I see myself and others more or less as we are “people”; their hopes, needs, cares and fears are as real to me as my own.
  • When “in the box”- I view others as mere “objects”:  obstacles, vehicles and irrelevances.

Out of the box”¦I treat  you like a human being. In the box”¦I view you as an object.

When we coach businesses we use this book in our workshops.

After all, it is NO longer OK to be rude in the workplace. Wake up, and stay out of the box!