As we continue the coaching process we need to stop, and reflect on how far we have come. Coaching helps you “see” what is happening in “real time” and gives you the voice to name what you see.

Please remember that this is a P-r-o-c-e-s-s. Some days, the process is very evident, so congratulations. Our hope, as coaches, is that we help you see you have a choice in all of this! Choice in owning your magnificence, brilliance, and courage. After all, it’s your life, and what you do with it is your choice.

Here is a list of common wants from employers:

1)      All employees to be the very best they can be

2)      Their company to provide a fulfilling livelihood and future for all employees

3)      To serve clients with conviction, love, and service “Second to None”!

I love how successful business owners think!

It is very methodical, and easy to follow, IF, you keep the 3 points above in mind and “lean into” each other as a TEAM. Becoming a TEAM that is the challenging partJ!

Individuals commonly all like operating on their own. As a coach you can see, and hear, the traction from the coaching on an individual level but would like to see and hear more when it comes to the TEAM building. Michael Jordan without Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson may not have been the greatest basketball player of a generation!

 A business owner and a coach have to look beyond each individual players skill set! They have to look at personalities, ethics, performance and individual goals to make sure everyone is maximizing their performance, position and function of the TEAM.

I offer a free worksheet for you to discover your teams Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities. Please email me at for your free copy!

As we head into March stay positive, creative, patient and active. Have an outstanding 3rd month of our year!