Remember the game Follow the leader? You had to do whatever the leader did and if you didn’t you were out of the game. Geez, too bad that’s not true today in business.

I love, and share what Daniel Goleman wrote: “Great leaders move us.  They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. When we try to explain why they are so effective, we speak of strategy, vision, or powerful ideas.

I’ve met all types:

·       Kind

·       Coercive

·       Inclusive

·       Exclusive

·       Explanatory

·       Deliberate

·       Team builder

·       Tyrant

·       Visionary

·       Bottom line

·       Entrepreneurial

·       Military

·       Generous

·       Stingy

·       Quiet

·       Verbose

You get the drift. The correlation between GREAT and MEDIOCRE is a fine line. Some have the ability to motivate quiet naturally. Others have a beautiful way of sharing the vision so the associates can buy in.  

But the reality is much more primal”¦GREAT LEADERSHIP WORKS THROUGH EMOTION”. Our basic needs want “˜connectivity”. A sense of belonging. Emotion is the gateway to inspiration.

Hollywood ignites the fire within us through emotion! The advertising world knows they will sell more of their client’s products if they hit you across the heart with emotion. Emotion has built countries, won freedoms and emotion is the glue that holds together the masses working towards a common goal. Despite what style of leader you are guide the troops towards a common goal using emotion couldn’t be a more powerful tool! Use emotion to get your team to the next level, ignite the fire within by boosting earning potential, reward their passion with time to enjoy with family. Release your team home every night with pride in what they do, a deep value in their product, and integrity in their words.