What is your Stadium pitch? What would you say if you were in front of 50,000 “ready to buy your product” prospects? Think about it.

What if 50,000 people were interested in your product”¦What would you say? When I ask my clients that question I get ALL kinds of answers. Short, long, ambiguous, silly, confusing, and sometimes actually clear”¦and compelling.

The clear and compelling messages get a standing ovation from me. The clear and compelling messages are messages I could use in persuasive advertising. Which brings me to the point of what is the message being shared in marketing and advertising regarding the products you represent. Does your stadium pitch reflect the same statements being shared on social media, radio, television, billboards and on the company website.

A friend of mine in marketing shared a story the other day about how he helped position an Internet Technology Company he had been working with what I like to call a stadium pitch. When you think internet technology the first thing businesses think of is the department that makes the internet work, takes bugs of your computers and IT has taught us control, alt, delete and reboot.

What did my pal do to redefine the direction of this IT Company to help boost sales and revitalize the sales staff?  He simply dug deeper and found out that companies today need more than an internet technology guy! The business he was working with offered way more than making the machines work. They represented a full spectrum of business intelligence software from accounting, sales management, inventory, tax software and security software that happened to be the finest and most used business intelligence software for medium to large companies. What was the company’s stadium pitch?

We will keep your computers and internet at top speed! We give you an entire IT Team for the cost of an IT person. Plus the business management software we offer is world leading in accounting, sales management, mobile and inventory. When Betty in accounting has a problem figuring out payroll for new salespeople we are an instant message, text, email and phone call from instantly supporting Betty!

I love hearing passion and conviction in my clients. But the others”¦.well, um, makes me kind of ill. Coaching businesses on how to have some zest and passion for their products seems to be a never ending project.  It baffles me. Sometimes their message is powerful and clear but their delivery is weak or they say something like “Hey, I’m not a salesman!”

A powerful stadium speech does not have to be “slick” or clever! Be honest, clear, forthright, and with authenticity usually, always, wins people over. Develop your Stadium Pitch to be used in front of 50,000 people or more importantly in the elevator, on planes or with future clients.