When coaching a business and its sales team I always look for one thing, that businesses claim!

I am fascinated with the dynamic. Just think about it from my perspective. “What is your Claim?” What are you willing to hang your hat on, step up to the microphone and CLAIM you can do?

Making a claim is at the root of all conviction. If the seller has conviction he or she usually has a “claim” up their sleeve to profess.

My favorite “claim”, to get even the coldest of cold calls warmed up is this”¦

“We have a system in place that gets great results, and I want to share it with you.”

“¦Then you shut your pie hole and wait. 7 out of 10 will ask “What is it?” And then the relationship can beginJ! This claim works.  Why?  Because it has some meat on that bone.

I’ve used it in the wholesale windshield business, vehicle sales, radio and television advertising, wholesale tire industry, skin care, lasik surgery, selling hogs, and of course the dreaded of all dreaded products to sell”¦Insurance. Funny thing about insurance is they have perfected the claim game!

  • 15 Minutes can save you 15% on car insurance
  •  You’re in Good Hands
  • Like a Good Neighbor

None of this works of course if you go into the call with zero conviction. You have to be motivated by your claim. Your claim has to be honest based on current and past business relationships enjoying the benefits of your claim.

So I ask you, “What is your claim?” If you don’t have one discover how powerful this tool works by analyzing your current business relationships. What are you providing that they are buying and why are they buying from you versus your competition? Put it in words!

  • Are you saving time
  • Are you saving money
  • What things are you better at
  • What makes your product different

If it’s you that makes the product different then what are you doing that is making you pull ahead of your competitors? Use these powerful claims to grow your company, your staff and yourself.