What do you want people to say about you? A great person, leader, business owner, humanitarian? Sounds good doesn’t it”¦Think about your business or product.

When coaching businesses on their image it is very important to know what is being said. Have you ever asked your customers or clients? Would they say “That company has the best quality, but MAN oh MAN are they expensive” Or “They have the most competitive prices in the area”¦but their quality is suspect?” How about”¦ “Their service is impeccable! They treat everyone that walks through the door as if they are royalty!” “I love that place!” Or, is it “I wouldn’t be caught dead in there.”

Ask your clients or current customers what they think. If you are really interested in the truth ask the customer that left you for another. Hire the local college to do a small sample research project for you. Ask the hard questions!

When coaching a company leader, I usually request a 360 feedback from their direct reports. It gives me a pretty quick snapshot of how this leader shows up. It’s especially interesting if I have to really be clear to the people taking it that it is anonymous.

That is a really good sign that trouble is brewing. Either with the leader or that particular direct report. (Is it bad of me to be smiling to myself right now?) 360 feedbacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I always try and keep it really simple.

It is not intended to mold or shape or change anyone on the spot”¦Nor is it entirely accurate.
Here’s a few ideas of questions.

 What is this employee’s 2-4 greatest strengths? How have you seen these demonstrated?
 What 2-4 things could this employee do differently to be a more effective teammate/leader/ supervisor?
 What positive recognition (if any) do you have for this employee?
 What feedback can you give in regards to this person’s communication style?
 What advice can you give to make this person a better teammate, leader and/or colleague?
 What should this individuals #1 priority for development be? Why
How would you show up in a 360?