When I coach a business about their sales I am very quick to point out the reluctance that comes with making sales calls. Did you know there was a 20 year study on it? Yep, by George Dudley, director of the Behavioral Sciences Research Press. His work is recognized internationally!

In a study that lasted 20 years Dudley reported that approximately 90% of sales people suffer from a malady called “sales call reluctance” as it applies to initial customer contact. Half of all sales people have a severe reluctance issues that require immediate attention! Another 40% minor, but chronic reluctance that affects performance, but does not overwhelm it. That my dear ladies and gentlemen is the proverbial elephant in the room.

How does it show up in your organization? According to this study, a couple decades long”¦it does. When coaching a business on sales I am acutely aware of “what is present” in the sales culture. How the belief system operates, who loves ambiguity, how clear the plan or vision is or isn’t. It all adds up when you break it down. 

The organization needs to build a culture that is clearly defined in its mission. Make calls, make more calls, make many more calls. After all, it’s a numbers game and you need to ask for the business X # of times.

Is your sales plan clearly defined and accounted for? Accountability is the key to getting the sales staff going in the right direction. Following up on every account, where the account is at in the selling process and how the accounts key people work with your account representatives are crucial steps to building a lasting prosperous relationship!