What is your proudest moment in business, a big sale, opening day, retiring?

Everyone has a proudest moment. If they do not, they leave.

What kind of environment do you work in? The goal should be to create a moment”¦every day. Imagine working in a culture where the goal was to have a proudest moment every single day for you, and or each of your associates.

I coached a business once where the owners proudest moment was the ability to give year after year to a “cause” that meant so much to her and her staff. Having a cause that is important to you can help shape a bigger purpose for existing besides the almighty dollar.

Don’t get me wrong I like to make money as much as the next person but having a worthy cause to donate some of my hard earned dollars towards brings a heightened awareness to customer service, or passion I have for my product while delivering it.

Having a cause you believe in, give to and are a part of can also be an intricate part of your businesses marketing plan. More and more these day’s people want to do business with businesses that give back.

Giving back is inspirational to potential customers, giving back is leadership in its finest form! Giving to try to end pain and suffering in this world holds so much value it is immeasurable to a business and that businesses clients.

What is your proudest moment at work? Is it associated with a cause that is important to you? As business people we have charities asking us for money every day and I recommend helping one or two and really getting involved with the charity beyond financial assistance. Help the charity in your marketing and give until it hurts. We have all read articles on tithing and giving and how it comes back. Make your business more than just great at what it does make it beneficial to the community you serve and let’s create some proudest moments.