I went thru a Leadership program in California a few years back. It was one of those life changing experiences that I was able to integrate into every portion of my life. In my family, marriage, fathering, grandfathering, mentor, coach, marketing consultant, teacher, friend, and ally.

I am now able to “be” in the moment much more readily. A very important asset to possess when coaching a business. “Being” in the moment allows me to help the situation in “real time”. Sometimes the situations in the workplace are too intense for the associates”¦and Leaders. So being able to slow things down enough to bring everyone back to the room is important.

Ever been in that tight spot? Tempers flaring, people shutting down, and the sense of out of control”¦very uncomfortable. That’s when I take a deep breath and “lean in” to the drama”¦with a smile inside. I love that part of my job. Not my favorite thing, but I know from experience that’s when the growth comes in the organization.

Pain = gain.

Helping coach or lead a business thru such times is about staying in the drama, and being willing to be responsible for the impact of acting on my urges. Coaching a business means believing in the process, letting go of some of my old beliefs, and believing in the creativity and genius of the people present.

Powerful Leadership modeling with fierceness, dignity, respect and compassion.