When coaching a business it is imperative to know what is at stake.

What is the overall objective that trumps all other objectives?  Usually it is tied to the company’s vision.  And sometimes it can get convoluted.  Is the vision of your organization crystal clear?

Another important aspect is the Leader’s stake.  As Leader you have to be tethered to the stake for which you stand. The Leader has to have Level 3 attention to detail of what is going on in the organization.  And willing to follow Urges, (see what their intuition is saying and be with it.)  Then stay with the consequences of those urges, Act on them, and take full permission and responsibility for the impact.  Really great Leaders are able to “stay” thru this entire process.  Steady, willing to “be” in the midst of it”¦.for the Stake of their vision.

Leader’s see beyond what might be present in the moment. Are you able to envision what Antonine de Saint-Exupery wrote about:

“If you want to build a boat, do not drum up people to collect wood or assign them tasks or work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

Are you able to turn your sales staffs focus from selling the widgets you offer to a less selfish approach?

  1. In advertising you don’t sell airtime you sell what the results will mean to the business
  2. In insurance you talk about what the client is going to do with the item they are about to insure
  3. In acting lessons you sell a future on stage or movies
  4. With business software how is going to make life easier

What is the bigger vision of the products and services you offer? What’s at stake and how are you going to brand your employees, customers, and company to reach the goals, reach your companies visions.