I conducted my sales workshop for a company last Friday. The associates in the training were not all “members” of the “sales” team which makes things more interesting. I love working with these folks as much as I do the sellers.

Its fun to help them see how vitally important they are to the whole sales process, how ultimately, they too, are sellers. I’m also amazed at the disconnect between the production associates, and the sellers. Disconnect is too mild, allow me to reframe. The “friction” between sales and production is what I meant to say.

The denial of the “friction” is humorous to me.  Everyone is in denial about it when the workshop begins. But as we go on, everyone begins to start owning the distrust of the sales team. When conducting workshops, or coaching a business, I find this distrust is always present. It’s fascinating.  Why the distrust? 

To some, more sales equals more work.  To others the sellers have it made, all they do is take people to lunch and travel around.  Some believe they all over promise, having no regard for the people (production) that have to do the work.  And another reason they distrust is they believe they are making all the money.

Yes, to a lot of people, sales, is a dirty word. It is really important to help everyone see “their part” in the sales process. And for everyone to conduct themselves respectful to one another’s time and purpose.

I recommend inviting a different production associate to a sales meeting every week. Give them time to speak. And consequently, I recommend sellers going to production meetings. They need to see what happens when they sell. All in all, everyone needs to “own” the fact that “they are all apart” of the sales process. When they do, synergy is present.