When coaching a business I occasionally find client’s that micromanage every move. At first I feel sorry for them, then irritated, and eventually I want to divorce them. Why micromanage? Fear”¦Fear of everything!!! The need for complete control. This reminds me of a saying I once heard. “The hardest thing for a business owner to relinquish is control”

I have a client, a successful client that has been growing and expanding. Making great money too! Now suddenly there has been some slowing of the cash flow in a couple of the markets. And consequently, because of fear of not knowing “why” the market is slowing, this person’s leadership style has been magnified into some kind of know it all beast that has to know it all. To the point where I cannot talk to him without an argument ensuing, or worse yet, him taking it out on another member of the team when he doesn’t want to deal with me.

I’ve offered to leave numerous times and he insists it is not me. What would you do? I am very curious to hear?

I love business and love being a coach. As a coach I understand that you cannot win every game you play in, although you give your best effort! It works the same way in business! The nice thing about business is you lose battles not wars. Losing a war means the doors are closed! Denver may have lost the battle of the Super Bowl but they will be back next year to take on 16 more battles, possibly more!

A successful businesses goal is to move the needle higher and higher and upward and onward! As we learned during the great economic catastrophe of 2008 that sometimes growth is not realistic. Sometimes merely just surviving has to be the goal based on economic conditions.

Sales slow, pressure builds, production slows and worry sets in. It’s at this time that you can waste your time wondering what everybody’s doing. You can even beat them up over activity if it makes you feel better.  Or you can be a leader and come up with strategies to make it through the rain. Strategies that excite the staff and get them moving.

As mom always said it will always get better if you do the right things-Keep your head up!