When was the last time you felt Ardor? In fact, have you ever? Ardor is a noun that means enthusiasm or passion.  As in: “They felt the stirrings of revolutionary ardor.” Enthusiasm or passion.

Being passionate or enthusiastic is very energizing. Have you ever been described as this? Having ardor means you have a vision of something that you want to have happen. Also known as a quest. Quest is an arduous journey made by a hero/heroine to accomplish a prescribed task.

Do you have such a vision? When coaching a business I find such a thing. But unfortunately in my business, I find many people do not have such a vision, or mission for their self. An actual purpose that sustains their zest for living.

I participated in a Leadership program conducted by CTI a few years back. They described a Leader Quest as “An adventurous expression of your life Purpose in the world.” I love that simple definition.

My want for the world is to have such a vision of peace and harmony, Love and forgiveness. What ardor stirs inside of you waiting to come out and play?