Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
Henry David Thoreau

Are you leading such a life? Do you have a song in your heart that needs to be released? I love this quote.  Whether or not Thoreau actually said it is beside the point. It is a great statement.  One that I believe is absolutely true.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. If true, isn’t this frightening? All of humanity is being short changed! Men that do not sing are living a lie. Our world could be so much more enlightened and loving if men were not trudging through life this way. And even more important, our younger people would have more healthy models of mature masculine to emulate, or trust.

We would have a safer planet! When coaching a business, and specifically men, I keep this in mind. It has been my experience that men tend to be more ego centric, and less emotionally balanced. They play their cards closer to the vest than woman. And when I get an opportunity to enlighten men about their emotional intelligence some of that egocentricity dissipates.

It is so much fun to watch a man be given permission to “feel”. Feelings of anger, grief, joy, and fear are four doorways to accessing the full experience of life. Being emotionally balanced equals more access to the creativity that looms in us as human beings.

The song, so to speak, is released from the heart. What song do you have buried in your heart? I think it is taking years off of your life until you release it. Make today the day”¦let it out and Sing!!!