I was working with a new client on the visualization of meeting your “Captain” the other day and was blown away by his vivid clarity. I asked him to write it down so I could share it with all my clients.

Check this out”¦

Captain Visualization


I’m surrounded by waist-high prairie grass that is blowing gently in the wind.  A thin dirt trail leads through the grass up to the top of a hill that overlooks the prairie.  At the top of the hill stands a lone tree towering above everything. I hear a piercing cry and see a red-tailed hawk circling overhead.  As I shield my eyes from the sun to see the hawk more clearly, he spirals down and lands near me.

After landing, the hawk becomes a man.  I see a cosmic version of myself in this man. He is deeply connected to the Universe.  Through that connection, he possesses power and clarity of vision beyond my ability to understand.

“You have nothing to fear,” he tells me.  I will always be with you to guide you and walk as your companion.  I have never left your side your whole life though you haven’t been aware of my presence.” Then he smiles at me in a knowing, mischievous manner and says, “I’m going to enjoy getting to be a much greater part of your life.  Here — take this feather.  It is my gift to you.” As I accept the feather, it is transformed into a flame that is hot but doesn’t burn me.  I know this flame represents my passion, my desire to go after what I want with abandon, to follow my heart to where it will lead me.

It is time to part ways so I thank this cosmic version of myself.  He embraces me and tells me, “Come anytime.  You are always welcome in this place.  You are always welcome to come and talk with me.”

Cool isn’t it? May be it’s a little far out for you to imagine.  And that’s ok. The point is, the clarity. I have no doubt in my mind that this young man is going to live a very full life. A life that resonates with passion and fulfillment. Do you remember the exercise, the visualization of meeting the voice that leads you”¦Your inner authority? If not, just say the word and we will redo it on our next call. Lean into this voice, and quiet the Saboteur’s.