When coaching a business one of the most important questions I ask is, “What do you want“? It seems simple enough. Asking the Leader, or Leader TEAM, what objectives are needed, (short and long term goals), is challenging. Why?  Because everything in business is connected. You have to dig under the easily identified objectives like Net Profits, happy employees, or long term success. Underneath, where multiple variables live. Variables like employee interactions, rising vendor prices, training programs, or poor leadership just to name a few.

What you want usually means “change” on some level. With change comes strife. And with strife generally means you have to look at every single contributing factor. Which could mean you!

Recently I was reminded how powerful the work I do is with a beautiful testimonial from a client. He told me I was instrumental in helping his transformation, as well as the success of his company. It made a really big impact that day. I found myself contemplating what I wanted in my life. My business is prospering more than I had ever dreamt so I wasn’t thinking of that, but my health. I was wondering why I was overweight when I had always prided myself to be fit.

The excuses I came up were the usual culprits. I travel too much to work out, I eat on the road, when I’m home I love eating and snacking with the family, yada yada. But why can’t I get what I want? This work I do for others should work for me as well. So I asked a fellow coach for some coaching and we came to a vision of myself at 70 years of age. That vision was a thin, wire-y, active, still working elder dude. I saw him. So began the quest of living like him, now. Here’s what I came up with”¦Cut sugar out of my diet completely”¦no exception. It was painful, I had to change, but now I’ve dropped 30 pounds. Bottom line, getting what you want means change.

What are you waiting for?