I was working with one of America’s top 10 companies a few weeks back. It was a day and a half workshop on TEAM Building. I am always impressed with companies that consciously “choose” to NOT remain in the status quo. Even though this company was coming off a record year…they were not settling! I love that.  It takes courage.

The work we did during the day and a half was on creating more intimacy with the Leader Team. This team trusts one another enough to be wildly successful”¦And yet, the Leader knew they were demonstrating lapses of trust and healthy conflict.

Accountability, conflict resolutions, and calling out examples of distrust were on the agenda”¦We did that in discussions and experiential ways.

I love starting the meeting by “circling them up”, with no tables. This method is a powerful way to get the group open and vulnerable from the start. Open and vulnerable is how you can get a TEAM to move through the processes of looking at their own short comings.

Real synergy will occur when you can eliminate artificial harmony and have real heart to heart conversation. Anything is possible when you create this type of solid behavior. But the Leader must go first. When the Leader shows vulnerability and has the courage to show it, the rest of the TEAM will do the same.

Ready for this kind of experience?