Rocky mountain high or rocky mountain oysters? I experienced a rocky mountain high last week when conducting a 6 hour sales workshop in the Rocky Mountain area and, on the same trip, I was offered some rocky mountain oysters. My sales workshop is intense.  And I always experience a little high when I see people’s eyes light up.

Before the workshop, I shared the power point with my client.  They were a little nervous and wanted me to turn it down a tad because their business was really good and just wanted my colleague and me to jazz things up a tad. Not upset their apple cart.

We did turn it down, and I suppose it still felt a little wonky to a few of them. Why? Because I address listening techniques, comfort zone realities, and fear into my teachings. Sometimes, for the complacent, new perspectives can be uncomfortable.  And that’s what my workshop (of 20 years) is all about. All in all, we received high marks for our presentation.

In contrast to the familiarity of my workshop, I was taken aback by the menu of the place we were eating at. They offered rocky mountain oysters. My dad had me try one of these early on in life. Have you ever eaten a rocky mountain oyster? Perhaps your palate is open to such foods.

I’m hoping my workshop’s intensity didn’t have the same effect on a participant’s comfort zone, as my colleague’s desire to try one of these oysters. If you know what a rocky mountain oyster is and enjoy eating them, you get to enjoy this delicacy. In fact you get excited when they are served because you know a lot of people will not eat them (because they are reproductive parts of a cow.) That leaves more for you because they are absolutely, without a doubt, delicious! Thank the lord that you stepped out of your comfort zone to try these.  Everyone else will just be left behind.

It’s kind of like sales sometimes isn’t it? You open the door to meet and try a new experience. It is so scary to open that door at first because you may have heard a lot about the prospect. Once you open that door and walk in it could change your life despite what you’ve heard!

Business is somewhat like eating new foods and often like dating! Forget what you’ve heard and try it, open the door, it just may take you to the next level of happiness in your life.