“I can only hear about 35% of what you are saying.”  Don’t you wish people were that honest, or conscious, to admit such a statement?  The truth is you are engaged with people every single day that cannot hear you 100%.  Either because they are hearing impaired, too immature, not focused because they are multi-tasking, not interested in what you have to say, or just not schooled in the art of listening.

Obviously I don’t have a problem with the hearing impaired, or the immature.  Heck, I don’t have a problem with someone that isn’t interested in what I have to say!  I can even have patience for the multi-tasker and the unschooled listener”¦except, when I am on the other end of a “buying situation”.

When coaching for businesses around their sales efforts, the art of listening becomes extremely important.  It is not acceptable to have front line people in your organization be half-eared listeners!!!  For gosh sakes”¦TRAIN them if you want to be successful!

I was at a Maid Rite franchise ordering breakfast the other day.  The place was clean and rather impressive in looks.  Lots of patrons there as well, which is another good sign of fresh food.  At this restaurant you ordered when you came in.  As I ordered my omelet the gal behind the counter was not following me.  Her eyes were not looking at me, but glancing down at the computer.  I asked her if she heard me and she said yes, and that she was new on taking orders, so she was struggling a little.  I should have stopped then and there, trusted my gut, and asked her to repeat my order.  An omelet!  Of course she screwed it up”¦she wasn’t listening.  How many times a week does that happen to you?  How many times are you not listening?