Recently we took an Alaskan trek to see our son get married on the 4th of July.  Ironic isn’t it?  Getting married on Independence Day. Anyways, they chose it. They also chose their wedding to be outside, at a park 20 miles out in the wilderness, officiated by our good friend Bob from Iowa. My girls are going, meeting my sis and nephew, lots of local friends and her relatives, all of us staying in cabins with limited electricity, water, and sleeping arrangements. Not your normal accommodations”¦but a real adventure. As only Anthony David could envision and make happen. It was grand and pulled off without a hitch!

Think about the faith my son and his bride had to take in trusting the unknown in this adventure. From depending on the weather to putting a bunch of city slickers up in cabins the way our fore-fathers used to have to live. It was quite a risk with potential huge rewards and a lot of trust in Mother Nature who isn’t so friendly sometimes in the untamed Alaskan Mountains. The risk really isn’t any different than business and the challenge people face every day chasing their visions.

I am glad to report that the wedding went down without any snow storms, wildlife shootings or plane problems. Everyone is home safe and sound wishing a little piece of them was still back in Alaska.

My son is the one that once described me as an altruistic man in a poem that he wrote. A selfless man that pushes him to live his values, not mine. I guess I was always very conscious of trying to keep him out of my shadow and consequently, I succeeded.  He’s made his own way. So today I am feeling it all, the full circle of life.  Very reflective. My career as a Father to him is on to the next chapter.

No longer do I have to concentrate so diligently on modeling how to live life on life’s terms. You know the drill, never taking my eye off the ball, putting one foot in front of the other, all while forging on with a smile on my face. He’s doing it on his own now.  Modeling his own way.

And I must admit, with a little more grace than me. So today I thank my Creator for all I have, and for living my values right out in front of me. Not always perfect, but the best that I could do.

Those values have made my quest as a human being possible, a purpose filled life. I wish all of you the peace and joy that comes with living a purpose filled life. And thank you for letting me be in your world.