When coaching a business I am always fascinated at their selling processes. My selling process has been developing for close to 40 years now. Wow, just saying that makes me feel really experienced and wise, and old. Over the past 40 years everything I know has changed. And as the old expression goes, the more it changes the more it stays the same.

Selling is, for lack of better description, like walking and talking for me. It is in my DNA, my core, and I don’t have a choice in it”¦it is very natural, authentically me. I had one long term client describe me to another client this way”¦”Jerry actually believes the b.s. he talks about.”

For others it is more difficult. Personality types play a big part in it. But I have found sellers that do not fit the A-Type mode can be very successful if given an opportunity.

The path that usually works for the non-seller type is the consultative sale.

A simple systematic process that involves 3 basic steps:

1)      Interview the client with a series of questions

2)      Get a clear and concise description of their needs and wants (goals)

3)      Write a plan that is designed to fit those needs and wants

Makes absolute logical sense to do business this way.

The resistance comes from having the knack (sales conviction) to get them to sit down long enough to be interviewed.

How would you do it?