I’ll be there!  And then they don’t show.  No regard for commitment?  No regard for your word?  Is the integrity built on faulty ground?  Or is this nature of their industry”¦the beast? Small contractors seem to get a free pass when it comes to being on time. Why is that?

I had a little project on the front of my home I wanted, to add a stoop, or porch. I received two bids for about 3k.  Accepted one and he never showed. The following summer I reached out again and he didn’t respond.  So I asked the second one and he enthusiastically accepted.  Even came over and adjusted his bid.  I offered him half the money on the spot if he would start that week.  He needed 2 weeks.  I offered half the money if he started in 2 weeks.  He turned it down again.  I said, “Geez, kinda sounds like I can’t count on you showing.”  He disagreed.  That was 6 weeks ago.

Hey I get it.  Over commit and work as fast as you can on the bigger jobs and fill in down time with the small jobs. But at what cost? Your integrity”¦word being no go. How soon before that erodes your other values?

When coaching for businesses I look for the values that the company builds its integrity on. Values equals mission.  If they align they will have traction. Take a look at your company and tell me what you see”¦