I’m hoping your day is as pleasant as mine, because I am sitting here in absolute joy and gratitude. Mostly because of the wonderful life bestowed upon me and also because of a brief “business” glimpse into some simple, but interesting internet discoveries.

As you know I have been in the marketing and sales game for almost 40 years now. Four-Tee, Four Zero, 40, yikes. With that big number comes a lot of wisdom.  Both by trial and error, and truth by default. But this internet stuff”¦well”¦it was irritating me.

Earlier this year I was fed up with not “knowing” about tweeting, face book marketing, and how to use linked in efficiently. So I employed a couple of men to help me with this whole social marketing blur that exists with all of my clients. I wanted to do it for my business, so I could see and know, first-hand what it was like.

I hired Nick and Steve (Names and phone numbers available upon request) and they set me up. Steve was adamant about it being separate from my current incorporated name it’s all marketing. A new name and site address.  And was steadfast on his belief that the site DID NOT look like a brochure.

He also wanted just a portion of my business model, the coaching and workshops, and left out the marketing.  I made up a new name Primal Leadership, (From a book I liked) and fired it up.  We didn’t even market it as Primal Leadership!  But as jerryhaack.com. Breaking most all of the rules”¦interesting isn’t it? That was less than 6 months ago.

Since then I have received 10 times more traffic per day than I did all of last year combined on my other site”¦Per day!

Now I am receiving favorable retweets, comments from linked in, and some new job requests from as far as 1000 miles away.  I also get comments from folks in over a dozen different countries. Why? In simple layman words”¦the blogging.

My guys have me zeroed in on a few key words and search terms that appear in most of my short story blogs each week. These are terms and words people search when they look for a Business Coach. Google, Yahoo and Bing the three big search engines recognize I am optimizing my sight to use terms people search for and that I’m driving traffic back www.jerryhaack.com thru use of social media  .  Which in turn gets me up on the front page, or close to it.

There you have it ladies and gentleman. Easy steps for you to follow at no charge. Better yet contact me at jerry@jerryhaack.com and I will get you in touch with my internet folks. They will get you on the right track when it comes to people viewing what you put on the web.

I am feeling very appreciative today for all of the nice referrals.  The way all businesses should work, right? Again, a heartfelt thank you. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life and you in mine.