Getting what you want can have lots of twists and turns. Do you have a vision, roadmap, or plan to get what you want”¦and more importantly, are you willing to follow?

A good place to start is knowing what is important, or valuable to you. What do you value? Not material stuff”¦.Values are what is most important in our life”” What gives life meaning and relevance.

CTI describes values as:“Values create your inner framework of how you make choices and can be your deepest motivators. Honoring your values brings richness and fulfillment to your life. Knowing what your values are will assist you in finding direction, purpose, and intention.”

Look over this list”¦

Accomplishment    Accuracy                  Acknowledgment   Trust  

Adventure                Aesthetics                Authenticity         Zest 

Beauty                       Certainty                   Clarity                        Vitality                         

Collaboration          Community              Compassion            Tranquility

Competition             Comradeship          Connection              Tradition           

Contribution            Creativity                  Curiosity                   Tenacity                   

Dignity                       Directness                Diversity                   To Be Known        

Elegance                  Empowerment        Excellence               Service

Exploration              Focus                        Free Spirit                 Spirituality

Freedom Choice     Full Self- Expression         Growth         Success        

Harmony                 Health/Well ““Being              Honesty        Risk Taking

Humor                       Independence                     Integrity         Romance

Intimacy                    Irreverence               Joy                 Serenity     

Lack of Pretense    Leadership              Loyalty         Responsibility       

Mastery                     Magic                                     Meaning       Resourcefulness         

Moderation               Nature                                   Nurturing      Peace

Orderliness              Participation           Partnership  Performance      

Powerful                   Privacy                                  Resilience    Recognition              

Productivity             Resolute/Resolve               Physical Movement                             


Close your eyes and think about this. Then go to this list and pick the top 10 and number them in order of importance and on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is low) give them a score on how well you are honoring that value. By numbering them it will give insight on how you are living your life.

Are you following your inner compass? Now take those values and try to put them into a sentence. For example, if you selected joyfulness, honesty, dedication and service, your sentence might be:

“My personal mission is to ensure that I bring honesty, dedication and service joyfully into everything I do.”

If you feel one value is more important to you than all the rest””you might believe that the most important value is justice”¦

“My personal mission is to ensure that everyone is treated with justice.”

Other Examples:

·       I bring connection, fun and innovation into everything I do.
·       My personal mission is to respectfully serve my community.
·       To ensure that I bring respect, connection and freedom joyfully into everything I do.

 Write your personal mission statement:

Let your inner compass (Values) guide you, and the chances of getting what you want increases dramatically. Leaving you living a full, “purpose-filled” life. A life rich with everything you envision.

Have fun (: