Another light has been diminished. Robin is dead. I can’t think of how he died right now. But only that he is gone from this planet, this reality, and I miss him already. I loved Robin Williams!

For me, he epitomized how life was supposed to be lived, to its fullest, every single minute. He worked hard and he played hard.  ALIVE, like an electric wire”¦Lighting up every room he entered.

I especially could relate to his struggles with substance abuse. His mood swings, his ebbs and flows, and his successes and failures. He spoke openly about it.  Giving many of us inspiration and hope.

Personally, I have seen decade’s worth of struggles and pain because of addictions.  I have dedicated my life to helping the still suffering individual.  And but for the grace of my higher power, I have been fortunate to stay clean and dry.

Robin wasn’t so fortunate.  He was in and out with his substance abuse. Just last month it was reported that he was in Hazelden. I’m not saying I know what is right or wrong, or what should have happened or not happened. All I know is that I have to find balance in my life to keep things moving forward”¦Balance to live a fulfilling life, a life of purpose and legacy.

To get there I have had to do a lot of interpersonal work. I’ve worked on me.  I believe as deep as I can go with knowing my brilliance is how deep I have to go about knowing my shadows. And consequently, my light shines brightest when in contrast with my darkness.

Having balance between the two makes me whole as a human being.  And much more interesting. Knowing I am capable of unspeakable truths brings more depth and power to the beauty I want to create in this world.  Gives me the strength to step through my fears and into the legacy I want to leave for my grandchildren.

And the good news for me is knowing that I do not have to do it alone. That is the healthy way for me to keep my balance. I need others with me. By staying connected with others my heart glows with hope, and keeps all of the despair out.

My hope for all of you is that you can step through whatever fears you need to step through to get out of the despair that can paralyze you into being stuck. Keep your light shining. Our planet needs more light.