Recently I have had numerous examples of my clients struggling with sales projections and strategic approaches to the selling process.  It’s interesting to me how these problems seem to ebb and flow at the same time.

I had a company hire me in Colorado for a day long workshop on sales.  Their business was very good, but they knew they had been reacting to the market for about 8 years.  A bullish market that was rich with opportunities and profits, and what appeared to be an endless supply of wealth. So they wanted a refresher course on sales as a safety net in case the market went bear.

It was a smart move on their part.  Trying to be supportive and proactive for their sales team, because times were good.  And not disparaging. The approach I took was very similar to the approach I would take to help a struggling sales team.  Be a marketing consultant, not a seller. Marketing consultants are concerned with the needs and wants of the client.  Period.  Sellers are concerned with the transaction of goods and/or services for money. That’s the difference. Volumes of books have been written on the process of salesmanship, but for me it is that simple.  When coaching for business’s I break it down to this level every time.

Earlier this year I took on an international client that has been marketing themselves to over 15 countries very effectively.  They had found a niche and was filling it nicely when they started noticing a loss in market share.  Their business field was getting more competitive.

Before the shift in market share they were “reacting” to sales, now they are “proactively” attacking the market making sure that all of their prospects and current clients are being attended to in a way that they know ALL of their needs and wants.

They are not concerned with selling them.  And because they have taken this approach a huge shift occurred. Knowing  your client’s needs and wants is the step you must take before any transaction takes place. It will separate you from your competitors.

Happy selling.