Getting what you want in life is a challenge.  I’m not talking about a new house, car, vacation, or things.  I’m talking about what is going to fill you up. To truly know what you want means you have to truly know yourself.  Do you know that part of your “self”?  Knowing yourself more deeply is the first step into moving more powerfully into what you want. 

When coaching for businesses I have found it usually comes down to a vision.  Or understanding the impact you want to make.  It can actually translate into leaving a legacy.  Leaving a legacy is about living the values that make up your mission or purpose.

What is your life purpose? Most of us realize we have an all knowing voice inside”¦the voice of the Leader. And that the all-knowing voice gets “trumped” by the ego”¦or saboteur voices that have grown up with us.

I invite you to write out the following as an exercise to “practice” this vision of leaving a legacy”¦

1)      You have been given a billboard and can put any message you want on it.  Thousands of people will drive by it and see your billboard every single day”¦What does it say?

2)      Turn the clock back and look at a time in your life when you felt your full power”¦a time when your spine, arms, and finger tips were tingling with excitement, a time when you simply did not care what anyone thought of  you.  You were absolutely ALIVE!!!  Where were you?  What were you doing?  Who was around you?  What was occurring in them at that time?  What was your impact on them?

3)      It’s your 80th birthday.  And hundreds have shown up to honor you.  Part of the celebration is each person getting up to talk about you and the impact you made on them.  What are they saying?  What legacy are you leaving?

Dare to dream the most magical dreams.  Dare to be great!  Make an impact. Live your life as if you will never live another day.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.