Blogging what you see or what you know is a self-expression of who you are. The blog will get a lot of “reads” if it is “relevant” to the reader. The more relevancy you have with your blog idea (or expression of self) the more traction your website will have moving forward. was a test ground for such activity. This site is not a fancy brochure like other sites are, but an information stop for people interested in these three words”¦Coaching for businesses.

I was told that if I wrote 2 blogs a week (and they were relevant to my reader) that after 40 weeks or so I would have more visitors per day on this new site, than the last 7 years combined on my other site “It’s all Marketing”.

So far so good.  My info is relevant.

This is just like your advertising and marketing.  If your product is “relevant” to the audience (universe) you want to reach, you will get traction and people will react to your advertising and buy your product or services.

Advertising is supposed to work that way.  You should get traction on your ad dollars.  If you are not, then you will have to look at what you are claiming and see if it is true.  Does your ad message match up with the perception you have in the market place?

Maybe it’s time for a focus group? Call, tweet, click or email us and we’ll set one up.

Happy sales to you.