What is in an event that will leave people screaming for more? Have you ever been at a workshop that made you feel you were a part of it? Actually engaged so much that you were in it? My workshops have had that effect. I want people to feel the impact that is so compelling that they tell every person they meet about it.

When planning an event you will need to have some key ingredients”¦

1)      Context or Stake for which informs the design

2)      Shape of a Dramatic Arc

-Create the container

-Disorienting event

-Learning Experience around the Arc



3)      Set the context, experience

4)      Debrief

Having this as a guideline will tap into the emotion of your audience. Tap into the emotion of your audience and you will impact their experience. I live my life so “full of emotion” that it exudes out my pores. Do you feel that way about your life?