Your “sellers” feeling the pressure?  Be assured they are avoiding it. As a seller, do you feel the pressure of selling?  If you answer “no” to either one of these questions you are either in denial or your sales goals are too low.

Some of us are “cut out” to sell products.  Others are not.  Even if you meet the personality profile of a “seller” you will eventually feel the “heat” of selling.  Sales goals will make sure of that. Depending on the experience level of your seller, when they hit that point of “sustained” sales pressure, that’s when the rubber meets the road.  Their true colors show up so to speak.

Some melt or get paralyzed, others get verbose or super quiet, some run away and eat or drink or drown themselves in “busy work”, and for some, they live for that moment and excel. Really successful sellers can be a bit quirky, even superstitious.  It’s their way of dealing with the pressure.

I love quirky sellers.  I trust their motives.  It’s their way of dealing with the pressure of being on the front line representing the product/company/TEAM.

Once I have developed a relationship with them I have found that they are usually “open” to input on how to improve their game.  That’s my favorite part of my job. Working side by side with the front line sellers of an organization.

Roll with the punches folks, keep your head up and body moving-happy selling!