Emotions preventing growth in your business? Better learn to deal with them.  You can’t ignore them, wish them away, or force your will over them.

The days of “It’s my way or the highway” are gone and dead.  You have to deal with the emotions that are present in the workplace or you will have those very emotions running the culture of your company.  I can’t get over how much denial there is out there in the workplace that surround these.

No need to run from them.  Emotions are a good thing!

Can you name them?

·       Mad

·       Sad

·       Glad

·       Fear

·       Shame (The one lots of folks don’t like to talk about)

The other misconception I bump up against when Coaching for Business’s? Is that you have either good emotions and bad emotions.  Well I’ve got a news flash for you to consider”¦they are neither! Stop judging them as either good or bad, and “just as” emotions.

I have an exercise for you to try. 

Close your eyes and think of the five senses most of us have possessed in our lives”¦

sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell

Now think of your emotions as your sixth sense Your intuition so to speak.  If you listen carefully you can sense what is present in a room.  As a Leader or manager it is especially important to be able to read the room.

If you do you will find it is easier to navigate around them at the workplace, and in your personal life.