Sometimes it is just best to fire them. When coaching for businesses I find coaching someone up is the preferred approach when it comes to helping an employee. Coach them up”¦or out.

But sometimes, it is just best to eliminate them and save the time and effort. Do you follow your intuition when it comes to some people or do you try and save them?

Who do you go to when you need to bounce that off of someone and need input in case you’re missing something? Really successful Leaders have someone to go to.  It’s a hard fact of life for Leaders.  Letting people go is a hard part of the job.  There will be casualties when growing a business.  Are you strong enough?

Building a really strong TEAM is what you do.  It is made up of really strong individuals.  And those individual can be flawed, and do not have to be perfect.  They just need to be willing to work together.  Work together in complete transparency.  Willing to be vulnerable and intimate. Intimacy is the key to really effective TEAMS.

When coaching for businesses it is a “must” to eliminate some players of the game. That’s what good coaches do. Successful businesses cannot keep people who are not a fit with the culture and direction of the company. Business is a professional game with crippling effects when the wrong players are in place. We all know where our weaknesses and strengths are and keeping a person on staff that’s not a producer whether in production, office, management or sales is not good for everyone involved including the person whose talents are a better fit in different circumstances.