You go from village to village on your horse asking everyone, “Has anyone seen my horse?” One of Rumi’s better quotes when coaching for business. Why?  Because sometimes the answer is right in front of them or better yet, they are sitting on it!!!

How many businesses have you been a part of that the culture is”¦ “Don’t figure it out for yourself, ask for help first, then look?” Helplessness! It’s a disease that inflicts many companies. Where does that come from? Why does it exist? What is the root of the problem?

Many times I find that the employees are trained by the managers, or worse yet, the owner, to not take a risk and make a decision.  They see first-hand how the owner or manager reacts to problems.  Raised voice, shame, dooms day speeches, are just a few of the behaviors that I encounter.  Job security is way better when you stay under the radar, and not upset the apple cart. Staying under the radar means staying out of the boss’s wrath.

Unfortunately that kind of immature behavior stifles brilliance and creativity.  And it takes a TEAM effort to morph and change in “real time” as the market dictates. We try to help incubate a culture that breeds brilliance.

Like another Rumi quote that I love”¦“There is a morning inside of you waiting to burst into Light” If everyone on this planet were living a “Life of Mission to Others” it could just possibly change everything. Could you imagine a planet where everyone naturally believed in serving one another? That just happens to be a belief of mine.  I actually think this is true. It’s been validated to me over and over thru my profession.  I’ve witnessed it!

You see, many times when coaching clients that have experienced everything they had ever set out to accomplish, we discover this.  We discover that they have to go beyond the material things, and see what else could possibly fulfill them.  Fulfillment comes in the shape of a “purpose” of why you were born”¦Guess what shows up?  Being of service to others.