Holiday parties are around the corner. So I thought I would muster up some don’ts for you to follow.

Rule Number One: Don’t get drunk. 

Recovery Plan: If you broke this rule already, ask your friends exactly how bad the damage is and hope there is no video. Remember that with video, what was once considered a memory, is now evidence.

Rule Number Two: Don’t dance with your boss’s spouse. If you ignored rule number one, this is especially true.

Recovery Plan: Once again, check for videos. If there are videos and your behavior was inappropriate, say prayers for a benevolent boss. In any case, get your resume together.

Rule Number Three: No matter how beautifully you sing Love Shack or the hits of the Black Eyed Peas in the shower, it won’t be the same if YOU get up on stage with the band. Don’t join the band.

Recovery Plan: Videos will definitely be involved for this spectacle. Check out the rules on YouTube to see if it can be taken down once posted. The particular performance may dictate the recovery ranging from never showing up again to feeling pretty good that the band unplugged your microphone. Ask the friendly witnesses what happened and how you should proceed.

Rule Number Four: Use Good Judgment. When it comes to attire, the holiday party is not Halloween ““ dress appropriately. A Miley Cyrus outfit may seem like a good idea but you are not Miley Cyrus.

There are many more rules for you to follow.  I just happened to rob these 4 off of a random website. Bottom line”¦Practicality is a must. Please be aware of how you are showing up.

Being belligerent is rude.  Don’t be that idiot.

And if you are putting on the party be aware of your state’s rules when offering alcohol.

Some states error to the side of the person indulging in the alcohol if they have the misfortune of getting into an accident when they leave your party.

Do you really want that responsibility?

Please be safe.